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On this web page, we'll present to you news and press releases regarding BSG South Africa. All rights reserved- copyright on all photos BSG-EUBSA S.A.! If you wish to contact us any time, please make use of the contact/feedback form, we will respond as soon as possible. Thank you.

Brillstein Security Group further expands in South Africa -

We are proud to announce further expansion of the Brillstein Security Group in Southern Africa. Our chief representative in Africa, BSG South Africa with Captain ARKELEY as head of the organisation, has recently signed agreements with the governments of the Republics of South Africa and Zambia in order for Brillstein South Africa to start training a large number of official security staff in these countries. In Zambia, we are about to introduce our new top-of-the-shelf close protection training curriculum and BSG South Africa will be training government officials and private students. Since February 2009, Brillstein South Africa is also providing for high-end training of a number of high ranking government officials from Nigeria in the area of security management and other.
On our photo (left), Mr Peter Ogwuda (left) of the Nigerian Interior Ministry receives his Brillstein certificate for an intelligence training course with BSG South Africa.


BRILLSTEIN-EUBSA South Africa - Brillstein-Sentinel Academy

The BSG training wing offers top-notch close protection and security training, owning a number of top-of-the-shelf training facilities through South Africa. If you are not just looking for ANY training, but the one of the best available, contact us to find out what your possibilities are. All info on our full training and study courses, with built-in employment guarantee, are available at www.brillstein-security-academy.com

BSG South Africa is a network within South Africa on its own with a number of various companies in all major cities in South Africa. We are spearheading the development of higher security and training standards and are one of the just 2 companies with full government recognition and full license as regards security training!

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Photos above and left - visit of Assistant Commandant General IDRIS des Nigeria Security & Civil Defence Corps at the BSG-EUBSA Sentinel Training Facility

General Idris, as one of the many African government officials visiting our facilities, has visited our training facility recently to get a personal impression of the many options and capabilities of both our training staff and the facility itself.

The Nigerian government, alongside with the governments of South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique and a number of other countries, is a very important client and partner of the BSG South Africa group.



BSG South Africa - Close Protection, VIP Protection, Dignitary Protection

Close protection services are one of the core services of the BSG South Africa group.

Highly trained, well-versed and very experienced CP operators guarantee your safety on the highest possible level.

If you need any further information or would like to get a quote for close protection - bodyguard service, please use our Contact form



Royal Wedding party at new 5-star Hotel

At May 1, 2009, the BSG South Africa protection team provided for security and protection at a royal wedding party of the family of Zulu King Goodwill Zwelethini.

This was a major social event in South Africa with a large number of high-ranking guests from several governments, including the Chinese Ambassador to South Africa.

The event took place at the beautiful 5-star hotel Moorcroft Manor, owned by the BSG South Africa group (see more photos below)

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meet with Botswana rep
SENTINEL/BRILLSTEIN have been invited to set up theofficial BOTSWANA SECURITY

MR BUTLER PELONTLE and MR SIMON MODISAEMANG (see photo, together with BSG/EUBSA Cpt. Arkley), representing the Office of the President of BOTSWANA recently visited MOORCROFT MANOR, the 5 star BRILLSTEIN-SENTINEL Training Academy in the Drakensburg Mountains, South Africa.

SENTINEL/BRILLSTEIN have been invited to help set up the BOTSWANA SECURITY TRAINING ACADEMY in Gaberone (Botswana). The plan is to set the parameters for the establishment of the training academy and the entire development of the Security Industry in Botswana which currently has no formal structure. The agreement allows for BRILLSTEIN South Africa to oversee the setting up of the regulatory body and the administration of the Security Industry in Botwana.

The Office of the President of Botswana personally requested that BRILLSTEIN/EUBSA South Africa join the effort in setting up an efficient security standard in Botswana.


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